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Lola has always been a dancer and a performer. Her first seconds in the movie world were at the age of 15, in 1992. She appeared in the Finnish movie ”The Well”, where she was a part of one scene with her dance colleagues. In 2006 she appeared in a scene of another Finnish movie ”Man Exposed”.

In 2012 she had a real acting role in a movie Vares – Pimeyden Tango, where she played “Donna”. In this movie she acted with famous Finnish actor Antti Reini. She also sang a song in the movie.

1995 and 1996 Lola competed in beauty pageants in television in Finland and in USA, and those were her first steps to the tv world. After that she has been appearing in numerous tv shows and interviews until today.

She has hosted almost 20 different tv shows in Finland during the years, and has participated as an performer in award winning show called ”Huippujengi”, and shows such as ”Survivor” and ”Kaunis Elämä”.

Lola has also done three theatre roles during her career, and one cameo appearance.

Nowadays she mostly works behind the scenes in different production roles, and has been part of the team in programs like ”Wheel of Fortune”, ”Supernanny”, ”The Gladiators”, ”Temptation Island” and many others.

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Lola has experienced many different roles in tv world both in front and behind the camera, so if you want her experience, contact and ask more!

  • Tangomarkkinat                  1996 host
  • Kesänelonen                        1997 host
  • Lola & Tähdet (Lola & Stars) 1997-1998 host 2 seasons
  • Huvin Vuoksi                        1999-2000 host 2 seasons
  • Yhden Illan Juttu                  2001 host
  • Miss Scandinavia 2002      2001 host
  • Pajatson MM-kisat host     2005 host
  • Ota tai Jätä (Take it or Leave it)  2007 audience game host
  • Meidän Häät                           2010-2011 host 2 seasons
  • Suomen Kaamein Kämppä  2011-2012 host 2 seasons
  • Tanssi Peppu Pieneksi (Dance Your Ass Off)  2012 host
  • Miss Suomi 2012  (Miss Finland)         2012 host 
  • Suurin Pudottaja (The Biggest Loser)  2013 host
  • Huippujengi                             2016 performer
  • Hula Hula Suomi                    2017 performer
  • Kaunis Elämä                          2018 performer
  • Swim.Bike.Run                        2018 host, journalist
  • Selviytyjät Suomi (Survivor)  2019 performer
  • Tangomarkkinat                      2019 host
  • Miss Suomi 2019                    2019 host      
  • Onnenpyörä (Wheel of Fortune)  2019 casting & coordinating, 2 seasons
  • Supernanny                              2019-2020 casting 2 seasons
  • Gladiaattorit (Gladiators)       2019 casting & coordinating
  • Kimpassa                                 2020 casting
  • Sukuni salat                             2021 casting
  • Temptation island                   2020-2021 reality journalist and script          supervisor 2 seasons
  • Sinkut Paljaana                       2021 casting 
  • Paratiisihotelli                         2021 script supervisor
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