Lola started her modeling career at the age of 11. She first did fashion shows in her home town of Turku and later started doing shows and photo shoots all over Finland.

In her modeling career she has always loved to do fashion shows, performing and walking the runway are her thing.

She has done many lingerie and swimsuit shows, and was often chosen to model when companies presented new lines for their buyers.

Lola has performed in the biggest fashion shows in Finland, and in the 1990´s she was always seen in the biggest fashion event, Vateva fashion exhibition.

Lola has done photo shoots, tv commercials and fashion shows in Denmark, USA and Sweden, and she still does.

In Finland Lola is known for her work with companies such as Marimekko, Nokia, Triumph International, Pertti Palmroth, Kaino and Lumene. She has also modelled for Jukka Rintala, Kisu Korsi, Puma, Anttila and Halonen.

As a model Lola has promoted all size categories. She started as a child model, and continued as a teen model. She did most of her career as a standard size model, and nowadays promotes more normal sizes and bigger and curvy lines.

(Photo by Marica Rosengård / Image)

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