Hosting events & TV

Lola has been hosting almost 20 different tv shows in all the biggest tv channels in Finland. She started in 1996 by hosting a live show ”Tangomarkkinat”, which has always been one of the most watched tv shows during a year.

She had a big role in the launch of a new tv channel Nelonen in 1997. She started to host programs called ”Kesänelonen” and her own tv show ”Lola ja Tähdet” (Lola and the Stars), based on ”Entertainment Tonight”.

Ever since she has worked in channels such as MTV3, Yle, Nelonen, Sub Tv, AVA, Alfa Tv and FOX. She has been hosting few international formats, like ”Dance Your Ass Off” and ”The Biggest Looser”. Some of the productions have been filmed abroad.

Hosting has always been one of Lola´s main jobs, and she has hosted everything from sports and music events to beauty pageants, award galas, private parties and seremonies.

Lola has also been part of few radio shows in both local and national radio channels.

Lola has hosted and worked abroad in countries like England, USA, Jamaica, Cuba, Estonia, Sweden and Denmark, and uses english as her second work language.

(Photo by Tiina Pirilä)

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